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Paragliding from mountain peaks is a popular sport in Europe and the Americas, and lots of paragliders search across the world for suitable locations to hug the sky and challenge themselves. But you don't need to worry, paragliding is a flying sport that does not require a lot of physical energy or agility. As long as you are brave enough, you can take on the challenge.


Normally, the duration of one flight is about 15 - 25 minutes, but the flying time is based on the wind speed, and not controlled by us. This is truly a great opportunity to experience the magical power of nature. We take you up 800 meters to Mount Kinabalu, where a slope runway can help you along your flying adventure. A professional coach accompanies you through the entire process so you can see the entire Kota Kinabalu from a bird's eye point of view. Only by experiencing this yourself will you understand the awesome feeling.


Let us take you on your high flying adventure! Before we go to the paragliding location, we will temporarily stop at Pekan Nabalu. This is a small town filled with local food stalls that sell fresh local fruits, agricultural products (honey, rice, durian, and wine), local snacks, and handicrafts. There are also observation decks in Pekan Nabalu from where visitors can enjoy the surrounding mountains and landscape.



08:00 Pick up from your hotel

09:00 An hour car-drive to the Kokol Haven Resort

09:30 Go Paragliding



  • Tour guide
  • Paragliding

Not Included:

  • Transportation
  • Meals

Sabah- Paragliding 1 Day Adventure (Adult)

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