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周一至周五:8:00 PM

周六:2:00 PM ;5:00 PM

周日:3:00 PM







The Fireman Show is the latest show in Seoul showcasing the strength, tough training and dedicated work of a fireman! There's no need to know any Korean because this non-verbal performance transcends all languages. Follow the story of a group of trainees who struggle to get through their strenuous and high intensity training in order to become skillful firemen. Watch in awe as the performers dance, do parkour, acrobatic lifts, flips and other intricate moves. Marvel at the stage lighting and effects while enjoying this unique and funny show. By the end of the show you will have a new perspective of the fun and excitement involved in a fireman trainee's day to day life on the field.


Show Times:

Monday-Friday: 8:00pm

Saturday: 2:00pm & 5:00pm

Sunday: 3:00pm

Duration: 75 minutes


How To Get There:

Address: Myungbo Art Hall B3F, 47, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 마른내로 47 명보아트홀 가온홀(B3F))

Subway: Line 2/3 Euljiro3-ga Station Exit 8, then go straight for 2 minutes

首爾最新音樂劇 Fireman救火秀 Fireman Show