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Cookin’ NANTA Show made its international debut in 1999 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it received “an award for the best performance”. NANTA hits the world with countless encores from 9,200,000 spectators of 28,000 show in 286 cities, 49 countries.

Nonverbal Performance ! During the time to cook the Thai-foods. The stage filled with actors’ skillful movements, various facial expressions as well as the audience’ s participation, over comes the language barrier, giving laughter and joy to people regardless of gender and race.

Kindly Note :
•Closed out : 25 Jul 16
•Show available on Monday - Sunday (Closed every first Monday of the month)
Shared Shuttle Service (Free) :
• Provided at MRT Petchaburi (Exit.1)
• Shuttle Time : 19.30 hrs. (Booking in advance is a must)

Tour Starts Time: 20.00 hrs.

Bangkok- Nanta Show (S Seat)

  • Your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours.

    Please send the confirmation email to after your payments, including the information of names (must be the same as the passport), contact number, contact email and ticket using date.

    If there are any inquiries ,please contact us via or +852 26610528

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