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Package Inclusive
• Enjoy Chocolate Cooking Class at Chocolab (Sofitel So Bangkok).
Remark : Chocolab Class Open Daily :
- Morning Class : From 10.00 Hrs. to 12.00 Hrs. (Noon)
- Afternoon Class : From 14.30 Hrs. - 16.30 Hrs.

Chocolate Cooking Class at Chocolab (Sofitel So Bangkok)

This charming boutique in the hotel’s lower lobby boasts the finest chocolate creations in town made from French Bonnat chocolate, the world’s best using cocoa beans from the oldest plantations around the globe. In addition to a cosy setting in which to indulge sweet temptation, Chocolab, the name is derived from chocolate factory + laboratory and, with a glassed-in kitchen, this is where chocolate can be seen in the making, and where sweet creations can be enjoyed amid a cosy atmosphere or gift wrapped ready to go.

Duration: 2 Hours

Bangkok- Chocolate Cooking Class at Chocolab (Sofitel So Bangkok)

  • Your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours.

    Please send the confirmation email to after your payments, including the information of names (must be the same as the passport), contact number, contact email and ticket using date.

    If there are any inquiries ,please contact us via or +852 26610528

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