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- 請至台灣境內7-11門市ibon機台取票

- ibon 票券即為入場門票,遺失恕不補發

- 請於入園時出示有效的護照及ibon 票券

- 未足3歲但高於100cm 或 足3歲但小於100cm, 要買票

- 身高99公分(包含)以下的嬰幼兒在一位持票成人的陪同下可免票入園

- 以上優惠不適用於台灣國藉,限持6個月以內觀光簽證之外國國籍旅客

- 門票不可轉讓、退換、退款、轉售及可被撤銷 - 如園區因天氣狀況關閉,將不作任何賠償

六福村主題遊樂園 (7-11 ibon取票)

    • 未足3歲但高於100cm 或 足3歲但小於100cm, 要買小童票;
    • 足6歲但小於120cm 或 未足6歲但高於120cm 要買成人票
    • 身高99公分(包含)以下的嬰幼兒在一位持票成人的陪同下可免票入園
    • 以上優惠不適用於台灣國藉,限持6個月以內觀光簽證之外國國籍旅客
    • 所有門票是電子換票證
    • 訂票需提供護照英文姓名、護照號碼及入園日子
    • 換票時需出示預訂時提供的相同証件,證件持有人本人必須在場,且需與同一訂單上的所有同行遊客一同入園
    • 預訂時需註明門票種類及日子,一經確認不能更改
    • 門票不可轉讓、退換、退款、轉售及可被撤銷
    • 如園區因天氣狀況關閉,將不作任何賠償


    • Child ticket: aged below 3 but taller than 100cm / aged 3 but height below 100cm
    • Adult ticket: aged 6 but height below 120cm / aged below 6 but taller than 120cm
    • Height 99cm or below, or aged 2 or below is free when accompanied by a paying adult
    • Promotion is not valid for Taiwan Market,only valid for limited to foreign visitors holding tourist visas valid for 6 months or less.
    • All tickets are issued by E-tickets.
    • Please provide your name same as passport, passport no. and visit date for reservation.
    • Guests need to present personal identification documents to verify their identities upon ticket redemption
    • Date & type of tickets must be confirmed upon reservation and cannot be amended
    • Tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, not for re-sale and are revocable
    • No compensation if the theme park close due to weather condition
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